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    Bezirk Oberfranken

    Jugendsymphonieorchster Oberfranken

    Haus Marteau auf Reisen

    Musikzauber Franken



    Internationale Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau
    Lobensteiner Str. 4
    95192 Lichtenberg
    Tel: (0 92 88) 6495


    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth
    Tel: (09 21) 604-1608
    Fax: (09 21) 604-1606

    Künstlerischer Leiter
    Prof. Christoph Adt

    Dr. Ulrich Wirz
    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth

    Information on enrolment

    Registration & Participation

    You can register by completing the form in the middle of the course booklet or at haus-marteau.de. Early registration is recommended, as admission to the courses also depends on the date of receipt of applications. In general, an application will only be considered if it is received three weeks before the start of the course. The course leaders reserve the right to select course participants according to their qualifications. Therefore, please enclose a short CV with your application which gives specific information about your performing career. After the registration deadline, you will receive confirmation that the course will take place, together with further information.

    Hinweis zum Kursbetrieb während der Baumaßnahmen in Haus Marteau

    Terms of payment

    Prerequisite for the acceptance of the application is the payment of the full course fee. Please quote the course number when you transfer the fee. In the case of delayed payment, an additional charge of 15 € will be made. Participants residing in a country whose currency is not the euro, can pay by cash without any additional charge at Haus Marteau when the course begins.


    The participation fee is course-dependent. The designated price for each individual course applies. The entry fee does not include costs for accommodation and meals. There is no accommodation at Haus Marteau. You will receive a directory of accommodation with confirmation of your participation, which you can also view at www.haus-marteau.de. Adverts can be found in the inside back cover of this booklet. Accommodation can also be arranged by the tourist agency of Selbitztal in Naila, Marktplatz 12, 95119 Naila, Tel: 09282 19433, Fax: 09282 6868.

    Course changes & cancellation

    The District of Upper Franconia reserves the right to make necessary and reasonable changes to the course schedule, the lecturers and course tutors. This includes the right to the cancellationof a course at short notice. If the course is cancelled, your fee will be refunded immediately. The district of Upper Franconia is not liable for other costs which are incurred due to a cancellation.

    Arrival and Departure

    Arrival and departure is at your own cost and risk. Possible trips to additional concerts may be at the expense of the region of Upper Franconia, but there is no entitlement to these.

    Journey to Lichtenberg by car:

    Motorway A9 München?–?Berlin, exit Berg/Bad Steben, via Berg, Issigau and Hölle to Lichtenberg.

    Journey to Lichtenberg by train and Bus:

    train to Hof a. d. Saale, change trains there to Bad Steben, then take a taxi to Lichtenberg (3 km)

    train to Saalfeld a. d. Saale, change trains there to Blankenstein, then take a taxi (4 km)

    bus from Hof station to Lichtenberg (stops at Feuerwehr or Café Bellevue)

    For further information: www.bahn.de

    bus from Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz and München look at www.berlinlinienbus.de or call 0180 1546436.


    The District of Upper Franconia is not liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss arising in connection with the attendance of a course at Haus Marteau or at concerts. There is a general exemption from liability for damage to the students’ own instruments.

    Data collection, data protection
    and correspondence

    The management of the course is in part via electronic data processing and the correspondence will be partly via email. This will be done in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Data
    Protection Act (BDSG) for the collection, storage and processing of data. The email address specified on the registration form is binding for the management of the course.

    Photo Release Statement

    When registering for a course, you are at the same time giving consent for the District of Upper Franconia to publish photos taken in connection with a course or concert attendance, without time, place and content limitation in all media and for promotional purposes. If this is not the case, then please inform us in writing.

    Bank details

    Die Kontoverbindung erhalten Sie von uns im Rahmen der Kursanmeldung.


    2008 Bezirk Oberfranken