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    Bezirk Oberfranken

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    Internationale Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau
    Lobensteiner Str. 4
    95192 Lichtenberg
    Tel: (0 92 88) 6495


    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth
    Tel: (09 21) 604-1608
    Fax: (09 21) 604-1606

    Künstlerischer Leiter
    Prof. Christoph Adt
    Schubertstraße 4
    90491 Nürnberg

    Dr. Ulrich Wirz
    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth

    Prof. Andreas Schablas

    Andreas Schablas attended the Johannes Brahms Music School Mürzzuschlag (Austria) and continued his studies at the Music Universities in Graz and Vienna (primarily with Johann Hindler).
    Apart from the standard repertoire, his interest is above all the works of the 20th and 21st century. He played the Austrian premiere of the clarinet concerto by Jean Francaix and the premiere of the clarinet concerto by Friedrich Cerha. He is also a member of the Austrian Ensemble for New Music (oenm) and with an extensive repertoire for clarinet and bass clarinet solo, he is committed to the music of our time. In addition, the artist dedicates himself to chamber music in various ensembles.
    Schablas was a member of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg until 2008, then moved to the Bavarian State Orchestra as a deputy solo clarinetist, where he has been active since 2010.
    In October 2017 Andreas Schablas took up a professorship at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. He also holds master classes at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg and at Haus Marteau.




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