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    Bezirk Oberfranken

    Jugendsymphonieorchster Oberfranken

    Haus Marteau auf Reisen

    Musikzauber Franken



    Internationale Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau
    Lobensteiner Str. 4
    95192 Lichtenberg
    Tel: (0 92 88) 6495


    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth
    Tel: (09 21) 604-1608
    Fax: (09 21) 604-1606

    Künstlerischer Leiter
    Prof. Christoph Adt
    Schubertstraße 4
    90491 Nürnberg

    Dr. Ulrich Wirz
    Ludwigstraße 20
    95444 Bayreuth

    Prof. Günter Ludwig

    Prof. Walter Schreiber
    Prof. Joanna Sachryn
    Prof. Günter Ludwig
    The piano trio from Cologne (Prof. Günter Ludwig [right in the picture], Walter Schreiber [left], Joanna Sachryn [middle]) has been together since 1985. Since then the ensemble has performed concerts regularly in Europe, South America and Asia. The musicians hold master classes and concerts within the course of international music festivals. The piano trio from Cologne has been a guest at Haus Marteau for 20 years. Famous composers have written works for the piano trio from Cologne, In addition to radio and television performances, they have released a number of CDs.




    2008 Bezirk Oberfranken